Carpet Transitions to Tile or Wood

Maybe you have installed some new flooring yourself or maybe the old transitions have began to pull apart from heavy traffic. Regardless of the reason, the Carpet Repair Specialist’s here at Memphis Carpet Repair can install a new tack strip and stretch your carpet to give it that finished look your dream flooring project needs.

Berber Snags

Berber snags are caused by many accidents including vacuuming, moving furniture, or maybe the damage is caused by your pet! We have the experience and tools to repair your Berber snag and get your carpet looking new again.

Water Damage

Water in a large amount does not mix well with carpet, however this problem is much more common than you might think.  Flood damage may occur from any number of events such as leaking water heaters or dripping ceilings. Water creates a few major issues such as:  Loosening tack strips, separated glue or worst of all, the possibility of mold.

Carpet Burns

These kinds of marks can be unsightly and could be caused by many reasons. Despite how they appeared our technicians can make them disappear.

Carpet Patches

We use donor carpet to permanently attach a new piece to your current carpet. Typically customers have extra carpet lying around in a garage or attic from the previous install. These pieces become great donor sections because they match exactly. If do not have any remnant sections we can cut a piece from a closet and use this for the repair work.

Carpet Ripples (Carpet Re-stretching)

Unprofessional installation and high temperatures are the two most typical reasons for ripples to develop in your carpet.  Leaving the internal temperature of your home above 85 degrees may cause this. These ripples are unsightly as well as a big tripping hazard and can be easily fixed by re-stretching the carpet. 

Carpet Repair


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Seam Repair

Most people have seams in their carpet that can be dangerous. It could be something small like a fray or a bigger problem like a lift. Whatever the case might be, we have a solution.

Pet Damage

We know how loveable your family pets are. We also know they tend to be destructive on your floors!  Some common issues with household pets include: open seams, ripples, bald spots and many other types of damage. Memphis Carpet Repair has the experience to fix anything your pet can throw at us.

Bleach Spots

Bleached areas are so common today, that it is near impossible to discover a home without one. Most people feel that these areas are non-repairable, but we do it successfully, all the time.

Discolorations & Stains

The typical house with pets, kids or both knows about these very well. Most customers are surprised at how many stains are repairable. We have repaired stains from dye, food, drinks and even paint!